charles motel and spa

Charles Motel and Hot Springs
An Affordable Apartment Style Hot Springs Spa
in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

Spa & Retreat Center

A Relaxation Area at the Charles

Built specifically as a healing center, The Charles Spa offers an array of services, including but not limited to individual hot springs baths, outdoor private circulating mineral tubs, detoxifying sweat wraps, multiple forms of massage therapy, and reflexology.

private bath at the Charles Hotel


The entire downtown area of Truth or Consequences is located over a supply of hot mineral water. Temperature ranges from 98 ° to 115 °F. There is no odor or taste. All our tubs are drained, cleaned and sanitized after each use.

Private soaks - $6

Outdoor Rooftop jacuzzi (seats 4-6): $8/10 per person per hour

Optional Sweat Wraps - After your bath, we wrap you with sheets, wool blankets, and top your forehead with a chilled towel to induce a healthy sweat. $10


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Massage manipulates the soft tissues therapeutically to relax muscles, enhance circulation, and calm the nervous system - reducing the effects of stress on body and mind. $65/hour or $40/half hour.


Reflexologist Shelby Schue


Foot Reflexology is an ancient science used to balance the organs, glands, nervous system, muscles, bones. Refexology activates blood flow and releases tension and toxic buildup. Reflexologist Shelby Schue is trained in the Original Ingham Method and has 38 years of active practice. $65/hour

Spa appointments must be made in advance;
call 575-894-7154 to book!

Retreat Center

The Charles also offers 3 different areas that may be used for conferences, retreats, and meetings; call to schedule today!

The Sunset Room is a large room that can seat up to 25 people. It features a wooden bar, original artwork, and is conveniently close to the mens' and ladies' bathing area. The fabulous turqoise leather couches are original to the Charles.

Sunset Room at the Charles Spa

The Cowhorts Room
is a cozy smaller room available for small meetings and healing retreats.

Cowhorts Meeting Room at the Charles Motel

charles apartments, motel, spa, hot springs
Charles Motel & Hot Springs

Charles Motel & Spa
601 Broadway
Truth or Consequences
New Mexico 87901

575-894-7154 / 800-317-4518

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Kathy Clark, Owner

charles apartments, motel, spa, hot springs